Background image of our amphitheatre mowed in the side of the dike during our exhibition on June 16th 2023

Amphitheatre of Sky

Constructing the amphitheatre

Chabot lived right across the river from here. He would often sit on top of his roof and see this landscape. For us to enjoy the same view we made this temporary amphitheatre on the dike. When following the Rotte from Rotterdam, the land of Chabot is the first place with an open view; making this the perfect place to sit down and take a rest. Away from the buzzing city, with the cars racing below you, looking at the slowly changing landscape. The stair structure of the amphitheatre gives different perspectives on the landscape from various heights. As the earth mounts will be removed in the near future the view over the landscape will be revealed. The temporary amphitheatre will disappear back into the landscape within weeks, but the hope is that in the future a more permanent structure can be realized, to let future visitors also look at the landscape as Chabot did.