Theatre of Sky Land van Chabot

16 June 2023

16:30 Presentation
17:00 Exhibition
17:30 Performance
Logos of TU Delft, Chabot Museum, Observatorium and A16 Rotterdam

Artist Henk Chabot (1894-1949) lived in a small house near the Rotte, where he looked at the open polderscape and the everchanging sky. It is there that he produced his iconic depictions of the Dutch landscape, like The Fire of Rotterdam (1940). However, in the past century, due to the expansive urbanization along the Maas and the recreation-ization of the polders along the Rotte, the area where Chabot lived remains as the only fragment of that open and quiet landscape. The construction of the A16 highway only further divided the land. Paradoxically, it also causes an important moment in time for action and redefinition.

How can this place’s inherent qualities be emphasized, so that it can emerge as an expressionist, cultural landscape?

We invite you to re-imagine the future of the Land van Chabot along with us in the ephemeral amphitheater on 16th of June 2023! Will you join us?

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Map of the location of the presentation in the Land of Chabot
Land van Chabot team

  • Denise Braz Del Giglio
  • Giorgos Xanthopoulos
  • Junjian Yu
  • Katerina Pavlou
  • Małgorzata Rybak
  • Timon Kuiters
  • Wessel Koolhaas
  • Jonas Stappers
  • Maarten Verheij
TU Delft Tutors:
  • Dr. ir. Saskia de Wit
  • ir. Monica Veras Morais
  • Ruud Reutelingsperger
  • Andre Dekker